Sunday, April 19, 2009

#hcsm Apr 12: Twitter vs Conversation

  1. Steven Barley
    StevenBarley @crgonzalez How is a twitter post any different from a conversation between any employee and customer/patient/public? #hcsm
  2. Carmen Gonzalez
    crgonzalez @StevenBarley Everyone can see it and it's documented. #hcsm
  3. Chris Hall
    Hallicious @StevenBarley Totally agree. Difference is that twitter can be monitored, but its no different from personal conversations... #hcsm
  4. Carmen Gonzalez
    crgonzalez @StevenBarley Sort of like having a "conversation" on a billboard #hcsm
  5. ctsinclair
    ctsinclair RT @StevenBarley @crgonzalez How is a twitter post different from 'normal F2F conv'? "Archivable, searchable, permanent, spreadable" #hcsm
  6. Andrew Wilson
    AndrewPWilson @StevenBarley Twitter conversations are persistent, public and searchable #hcsm
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Note: These are just my own personal notes from the Sunday night #hcsm chats on Twitter. It's what I found interesting or memorable or wanted to be able to easily refer back to.

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