Sunday, April 19, 2009

#hcsm: Apr 12 Topic 3: Economics of Social Media in Health Care

Note: These are just my own personal notes from the Sunday night #hcsm chats on Twitter.  It's what I found interesting or memorable or wanted to be able to easily refer back to.  

  1. HealthSocMed
    HealthSocMed Welcome, everyone! As a note, if anyone comes in later, please remember to introduce yourself to the group! #hcsm
  2. HealthSocMed
    HealthSocMed TOPIC 3 - Does economic impact make you more or less inclined to do SM, or indifferent? #hcsm
  3. Greg Matthews
    chimoose The current economy means we're cutting budgets - but there is a ton we can do with SocMed that costs little or nothing #hcsm
  4. ctsinclair
    ctsinclair T3 Economic impact should be minimized. Any good SM expert will tell you good social networks buy network capital, not people in door #hcsm
  5. Britt Miller
    brimil @chimoose absolutely. with the added benefit of connecting and getting to know your customer better, not pushing advertising on them #hcsm
  6. Roy fromShrinkRap
    ShrinkRapRoy T3: from hospital standpoint, I think SM is part of one's responsibility to one's community to be involved, not just $. #hcsm
  7. Dana
    danamlewis @shrinkraproy great point - would love for more hospitals/orgs to use SM to reach patients - and the community #hcsm
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