Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is a Job for Flower!

First post of 2010. Happy New Year, all! Oh, and enjoy reading the 500+ page Meaningful Use proposed rule [pdf] we got for New Years. More on that in a later post; in meantime, check out David Harlow's post on HealthBlawg.

Alan Viars (@aviars) wrote a post yesterday about his father's difficulties in getting access to his medical records when transferring from Hospital A to Hospital B. His father's POA had to essentially throw a fit just to get a copy of the records prior to open heart surgery at the receiving hospital, as they "don't normally do that." Oh, and his father learned that his EKG from a year ago showed evidence of a silent heart attack but no one ever told him.

Alan concludes:
Lessons for the Wise:
  • When you have medical tests, YOU THE PATIENT, need to ask for the results. Get a copy. Make sure your physician has actually reviews your tests. Just because you didn’t hear anything, don’t assume everything is okay.
  • If it’s possible, when you go to the hospital have someone by your side who cares about you and can advocate for you. If you’re lucky enough to have a nurse, physician, or other medically educated person to be your advocate, even better.
  • Sadly, you may have to get angry in order to gain access to your medical records. Don’t let them tell you no. It’s YOUR data – all of it – and it’s your right to have a copy. Keep your own records.
This is a great example of what the Speak Flower movement is all about.

It's about getting access to your health information -- easily, quickly, automatically.

It's about allowing other authorized individuals or entities to access your health information -- easily, quickly, automatically.

It's about taking control of the health information that is yours -- easily, quickly, automatically.

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