Friday, October 16, 2009

Links to HIT and MU Resources

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Upcoming meetings & public comment . . .

FDA Hearing on Social MediaNov | Federal Register notice (PUBLIC COMMENTS thru Feb 28) | FDA Notice | AGENDA | Speakers | Panelists | transcript of 1996 mtg re internet
HIT Standards CommThu Oct 29Public testimony to better understand adoption and implementation issues, needs for enhanced implementation guidance, and identification of enablers that would accelerate interoperability such as new tools or filing standards gaps. We'll also conduct an online forum and accept written testimony. [per John Halamka]
HIT Policy CommOct 27-28MU relevance to Specialty providers (incl Psychiatry & Behavioral Health), small practices, and small hospitals.
| Agenda | Webcast | Oct 27 transcript
Twitter links . . .
  • #fdasm: FDA hearing on social media and web2.0 (Nov 12-13)
  • #hcsm: Health Care & Social Media chat, Sunday nights 9-10 ET
  • @ahier: Brian often is the first to post transcripts of the public meetings on his blog
  • #hitpol: Tweets related to HIT policy issues
  • #ehr: EHR-related tweets
  • #hchit: Health care HIT chat, Thursdays 1-2pm ET

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